Food advertising is typically at its best when it serves up a healthy dish of appetite appeal. When an ad has appetite appeal, it will entice a hungry person to drop what they’re doing and eat. Appetite appeal means making the food the hero of the spot.

Let’s watch these three commercials with appetite appeal in mind.

Agency: The Many

Agency: Barkley

Agency: Red Tettemer O’Connell + Partners (RTO+P)

What is the focal point in each of the ads above?

Bumble Bee’s focal point is hipsters who need an easy meal, but one packed with protein to fuel them deep into the night, where presumably they will attend a rave.

The focal point of Taco John’s ad is the quirky character who eats with a spork. The QSR’s tacos masquerading as quesadillas also appear in a strong supporting role.

The focal point in the Bays English Muffins spot is the temperature, which is a point of difference for the product, which is found in the dairy case, not the bread aisle. The commercial also features “mouthwatering English muffin masterpieces.”

If we were to change the lens by which we view these ads and ask which of them is most likely to win an award, I’d put my money on the Barkley ad for Taco John’s because the art direction is notably fresh and different. Also, the taco-seeker is driving an El Camino. That’s style.