Gated content is valuable content. It seems that every media company under the Sun today wants to make this argument., for instance, wants $290 for the first year of unfettered digital access, and then $415/year each year thereafter. Or you, dear web surfer, get nothing.

These are some hefty tabs for news. Is there something special in the Bloomberg sauce?

According to their press release, “In a time when biases drive news and media, Bloomberg champions an objective, data-based approach.”

Bloomberg’s New TV Spot

Three years after the launch of Bloomberg’s paid subscription model, the company now has 360K subscribers. It’s now looking for more, and Stagwell-owned agency, Doner, is helping them get the word out.

Bloomberg’s new call-to-action asks today’s leaders to shape the future of business. That’s a big ask from a media company that sees itself as a motivator of positive behavior, as the facilitator of changemakers and tastemakers. As the provider of insights into limitless possibilities, knowledge, and inspiration to feed your ambition.

I wonder, is this also your perception of Bloomberg? The company’s roots on Wall Street and its famous founder, former Presidential candidate, Michael Bloomberg, load the brand with history and meaning. No way around that.

Plus, bias in news (which Bloomberg is opposing) just is. Facts are facts, but how they’re selected and assembled changes how the story lands. Which means you can’t do the work of telling stories and be authentically unbiased.