Stress. It comes in a host of different forms today. One of the leading causes of stress for information workers is working with too much information. For example, should one invest in NFTs and crypto, right now?

If you do want to invest in alternate currencies, how much do you know about it, and how much more do you need to know before it feels like a good place to put your hard-earned money? Also, what are your sources for this financial information? Are you listening to the tech bros, reading The Economist, or taking Matt Damon’s word for it?

This new spot from Grey London for Fidelity International taps into the informational angst that people feel, whether they’re looking to invest or not. Let’s watch.

The 60-second commercial was directed by comedy director Bethan Seller through Rogue Films.

Jet Cooke, Head of UK Marketing for the End Investor at Fidelity International, says, “Our marketing strategy is clear brand differentiation, clarity of purpose, and customer-centricity. We have challenged the marketing norms in the category and, in doing this, have seen phenomenal success with increasing the customers that choose Fidelity.”

In today’s dizzying world of too much advice and too many options, Fidelity is positioning the traditional investment banker as the safe and secure answer.

Why Are Cryptocurrencies Attractive to Investors?

Cryptocurrencies are a form of digital currencies built on blockchain technology, using a public distributed ledger that keeps track of every transaction. They are decentralized and not connected to any third party like a bank.

According to NPR, some investors believe cryptocurrencies are bound for a similar crash and shakeout like the dot com companies. Charlie Munger, the billionaire vice-chairman of Berkshire Hathaway, told the Sydney Morning Herald of cryptocurrencies: “I wish they’d never been invented.”

But cryptocurrency has a lot of believers too, including the TV-famous billionaire investor Mark Cuban, who says 80% of his investments are in cryptocurrencies.