The project

Brand Identity for the Forbes Magazine Fifty Over 50 feature. Selected from a pool of more than 10,000 nominees, the members of the Fifty Over 50 are founding and running companies at scale ($20 million or more in revenue for for-profit companies), leading movements and changing the world.




Brand Identity




Phx Design Award

Color Palette

Understanding how humans perceive and interact with color is a key in creating any brand identity. Color science is a fundamental field of science that is dedicated to understanding the creation of colored stimuli, sources of illumination, and ultimately the human perception of color.





Designing a mark to represent some of the most successful woman in the world is a gift to any designer! For this project I went with a clean, monochromatic mood.

The font is a fun throwback to the 1930's while keeping it new and clean feeling. The "slash" brings a modern flair to the look and feel of the mark.