The Pepsi halftime show won the Super Bowl. #HipHopWonTheSuperBowl

I can see the argument for this claim. A star-studded 14-minute hip-hop medley has the kind of impact that no ad will ever deliver. But does it make people want to drink more Pepsi?

This ROI question hangs over all the brands who invest in Super Bowl advertising. Is it worth all the money to pay the celebrities to appear in the ads, the ad agencies to make the ads, and NBC to run the ads?

As we consider the practical side of this kind of investment in reach and signal, let’s review some of the best spots from this year’s parade of ads.

Best Dig at Tech Giants from a Tech Giant

Best Anti-Capitalist Screed that Ends on A Beach

Best Showcase of Technology In Service to Humanity

Best Use of Barbie in a Super Bowl Ad, Ever

Best Return to North Jersey by HBO Child Stars

Best Avoidance of “Do Not Feed the Animals”

Best Use of Bass and Drums by A Car Company

Best Use of Ancient Mythology by a Car Company

Best Alliteration

Best Toga Party

Best Open-Faced Tackle

Best Cinematography and Nod to “The Dude”

Best Purple Glow

The USA Today Ad Meter also lists viewers’ favorites.

Spoiler Alert: People who participate in the Ad Meter ratings prefer the Rocket Mortgage spot starring Barbie and Anna Kendrick above all the others.