Whatever you’re interested in, there’s plenty to go around in Texas, and this fact of life helps to create an environment where Texans are naturally welcoming, fun, and generous people. Visitors to the state, on the other hand, may bring their neuroses and attitudes with them. To inquiring minds, they may even say, “This is our trip to Texas. Go get your own.”

“Texas offers unlimited options and experiences for travelers seeking personalization and customization above all else. There is no better way to celebrate that than by inspiring consumers to explore all the state has to offer and make their trip to Texas truly their own,” said Travel Texas Director, Tim Fennell.

The campaign was created by Austin-based Proof Advertising, a member of Worldwide Partners,

“No two trips to Texas are ever alike so when it came to storytelling, we challenged the overdone conventions of the category, engaging viewers with the direct call to ‘Get Your Own Trip,’” Craig Markus, Proof’s executive creative director said.

Online, travelers can use the brand’s custom trip builder at TravelTexas.com/GetYourOwn to help plan their visit.

Echoes of “Come and Take It”

“Come and take it,” is an infamous and oft-repeated saying inside of Texas. It refers to the Battle of Gonzales, a skirmish in 1831 between the Mexican Army and a small group of Texans.

Today, the words appear on flags and in speeches and so on. According to the Houston Chronicle, the saying has come to symbolize defiance against someone or something looking to grind you down or deprive you of a right or privilege.

I may be off here, but I hear echoes of “Come and take it” in “Get your own trip.”

Why echo “Come and take it” instead of coming up with a more inviting call to action? Because vacationers to Texas, like the citizens of the state, will not be deprived. In other words, a soft and fluffy, totally stale invite to Texas is not needed. In fact, it would be off-brand.